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Killzone 2 Review

by The_Stacked_Nerd, 2nd April 2011

Having recently found the time to try out the highly rated game Killzone 2 (which came included in the excellent bundle I received off eBay!), I have to say that I was extremely impressed!

Although integrating all the normal aspects that make an FPS awesome, it throws in a bit of originality and individuality by not just returning to WW1 or 2 which most other FPS's resort to (not that I have anything against them – CoD 5 was insane!!!). The game is set post-year 2357, in which 'the days of harmony and prosperity among Earth's colonies came to an abrupt end when the planet Vekta was invaded by the Helghast' on planet Helghan where you, a specialist soldier, join other 'Interplanetary Strategic Alliance' soldiers and mount an invasion strike in an attempt to assassinate the Ruler Visari.

Throughout the game I can only remember starting with one gun – the M82 Assault Rifle - however a vast range of weapons are unlocked once you discover the art of body foraging, where you steal other creatures weapons.

The game was involving right from the start, where your character is called up and, following a brief summary of the plot (presumably for the players who have not experienced the first Killzone – including me), you are literally launched into the middle of the action, with a welcoming problem, which are abundant in the game, challenging you to regroup with the ISA after your aircraft crash lands short. Although not particularly challenging, this intensifies the experience, in my opinion, by presenting you with problem that real-life soldiers may encounter, allowing you to connect with the character much more than the average FPS.

The level of difficulty in acquiring all the trophies in Killzone 2 is, as you may already know, extremely high: for example, to gain the 'Valor Citation' trophy you have to come in the top 1% of the online player in a week! I am planning to go on a gaming binge in the not too distant future in order to hoover a couple of those persistent ones up...

All in all, Killzone 2 worked like a beauty, running smoothly despite the high graphical quality. The characters sometimes felt cumbersome to control, unlike in Call of Duty, where your character is generally thin and fast, but this is something you get used to.

Final Score