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How We Review

Here at Psychic Gamers we do our best to be transparent about our review process, so here's all the information you could ever want or need about reviews!

We will review anything gaming related, but we primarily focus on PC and PS3 games.

The titles we review are a real mixed bag of recent titles and games released a few years back. We include the date of the game's release and the date of the review on each review page, as the time frame between release and review may alter opinions about a game.

We will also make it clear if a game being reviewed has been sent to us by a developer or publisher free of charge.

We understand that reviews and review scores can be a big deal, so we always try to review fairly and completely, but readers must understand that every review published on the site is the subjective opinion of its author. What we like, you may dislike. What we hate, you may love. This may mean that you do not agree with the final score, or some of the comments made, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the review is 'wrong'.

Reviews are scored using a 10 point system, and below is a breakdown of what each score basically represents. The score alone can only tell you so much, so make sure to read the full review to get the full details.
10 - Must buy
A game that scores a 10 is very close to perfect, and will usually excel in terms of gameplay, graphics and audio quality. We feel that a 10-scoring game is well worth your money, and you definitely need to experience it. 10s aren't given out regularly, but, at the same time, it's not unachievable.

9 - Highly recommended
A really great game that falls slightly short in small ways, but is still a must buy for fans of a particular genre or series.

8 - Great
A solid title, especially is you like the genre or series, but there's some definite shortcomings.

7 - Very Good
A decent game that is harmed by obvious issues in several areas, but is still a decent game. You probably won't want to pick this up full price, but it shouldn't be ignored.

6 - Good
Not bad, but definitely flawed. Might be worth a bargain buy.

5 - Average
An average score for an average title, a 5 indicators a game that shows potential and flaws in equal measures.

4 - Below average
Having its fair share of issues, this is where we begin warning you not to buy.

3 - Poor
Very unlikely you'll want to pick this up. Serious issues in a lot of places, and generally not worth your time or money.

2 - Awful
A seriously flawed game throughout, that managed to redeem itself only slightly, probably due to the fact that it is so bad that it's humourous. Advice is to avoid.

1 - Do not buy
Flawed and near unplayable, this should not be bought unless as some cruel joke.

0 - Unplayable
This is included as a last resort. Hopefully we will never review a game where a 0 score will be required. Barely a game, completely broken and unplayable, this should be avoided at all costs.