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Final Fantasy X Review

by The_Stacked_Nerd, 2nd April 2011

Final Fantasy X for the Playstation 2 was really a turning point for me, highlighting the line between gaming and quality gaming. Apart from Pokémon Leaf Green for the Gameboy Advance, no other game I had played really had a deep, involving and expansive plot or gameplay.

The introduction of real time combat, together with good graphics made this Final Fantasy stand out from the others previously in the series, and the huge storyline made it both addictive and challenging to progress through and eventually complete.

Although obviously not as good as modern PS3 games, I feel a lot more work was put into this game than most PS3 games: the combat system was ranged and exciting, the weapons, armour, cutscenes, clothes, characters and options
were vast and well designed (especially with the introduction of 'customisation' mode) and the graphics were beautiful and smooth for the time, especially in the cut-scenes.

asically, the story line and gameplay was simply astounding, with a huge number of side quests and challenges to be completed aside from the main plot, although I never did complete these as it took me in excess of 110 hours to complete just the main storyline!

Despite this, Final Fantasy 10 did have its flaws. The main character is laughably slow at running, which, combined with too frequent monster attacks meant that at times, the game felt as if it was going on a bit.

Overall, however, I thought this game was a huge step forward in the gaming world, and is one of the reasons Final Fantasy has become such a respected title. If you have a PS2, some spare time and a few pounds, I would recommend you to at least try this game out and see what you think.

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