R834's Road to Platinum: inFamous

by R834, 29th July 2011

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inFamous - Casey Jones
Casey Jones, 26/7/2011 16:23
Take down 25 enemies while riding on a moving train
This was actually quite difficult, especially as I had left it until last and many areas of the city had been cleared of enemies by me completing the side missions. All I needed to do was ride a train around and around the circuit in a part of the city and kill any enemies I spotted along the way.

The final enemy, which I didn't realise was the final enemy, somehow avoided my hail of Shock Grenades, so I jumped over to a train travelling in the opposite direction, charged up my electricity and let loose a Precision bolt, which scored a Headshock and a takedown.

With 25 enemies defeated, Casey Jones unlocked soon after.

inFamous Platinum Trophy,
26/7/2011 16:23
Collect all other inFamous trophies
And the inFamous Platinum Trophy followed soon after. I had finally hit my target of 20 platinums.

R834's Road to Platinum: inFamous