R834's Road to Platinum: Call of Duty: World at War

by R834, 17th July 2011

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When the PSN was down I decided to return to Call of Duty: World at War to finish off the remaining trophies, and after a bit of effort, Sum of All Zeroes and Iron Fist were unlocked, with only Blue Ribbon standing between me and the platinum, which, of course, I was unable to complete because I couldn't play online.

Unfortunately, during this period of PSN downtime, my old 60GB fat PS3 succumbed to the Yellow Light of Death, and with my Call of Duty trophies unsynced, set me back to 3 remaining.

I did manage to fix my YLOD PS3 and successfully synced my trophies, and I bought a new 160GB Slim to replace it, however, enjoying being able to have two PS3s in my house, I used the 60GB in my bedroom, which would cause some unforeseen problems.

Playing with The_Stacked_Nerd to unlock Blue Ribbon on my 60GB, he got it first. In the next match, rather annoyingly, he decided to celebrate the unlocking of his trophy by spinning around with sensitivity on 10 in the middle of the map. Needless to say he got shot, and for some reason, nobody revived him causing him to die and forcing us to restart at the last checkpoint, and one of the other players to quit.

Blue Ribbon requires you to come first in a 4 player competitive campaign match, and with only 3 players remaining, the trophy could not be completed. Quitting out of that match, and attempting to start another, the level was loading when my PS3 shut off. Another YLOD.

PS3 Pic
The Yellow Light of Death does not allow your PS3 to be on long enough to eject discs, so unless I could get my PS3 up and running again, Call of Duty would remain inside.

Last week, I decided to crack open the Playstation, and instead of fixing it again, simply opened up the Blu Ray drive to retrieve the disc.

Despite the mess, everything went well, both taking apart and putting back together, and Call of Duty: World at War was retrieved at last and I could carry on with my trophy progress.

Call of Duty World at War Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon, 09/07/11 09:21
Complete a 4-player Competitive Co-Op match in 1st place (Online co-op Only)
Without the 'help' of The_Stacked_Nerd, I completed a match on Relentless with 4 players in first place (you can see the gameplay in the Road to Platinum video), and Blue Ribbon unlocked.

Call of Duty World at War Platinum
09/07/11 09:21
Awarded when all other trophies have been unlocked
And almost immediately after, so did the Platinum.
Number 18 unlocked!

R834's Road to Platinum: Call of Duty: World at War