R834's Road to Platinum: Assassin's Creed II

by R834, 19th June 2011

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In Memory of Petruccio, 26/10/2010 9:59
Collect all the Feathers
Referencing Ezio's younger brother, who was executed alongside his father and older brother, this trophy is all about fulfilling Petruccio's wish of collecting eagle feathers. Scattered throughout the game, there are 100 of these pesky feathers to find, but with the help of Assassin's Vision and some Internet walkthroughs, I picked up the last ones fairly quickly, leaving me with 99 feathers - now it was just a case of pinpointing which feather I had yet to find.

Having located the last one perched on a beam protruding from a tower, it was just a matter of climbing up to get it, and ding! Trophy for me.

Show Your Colors,
26/10/2010 10:11
Wear the Auditore cape in each city
This has two parts to it. The first part is to return the feathers to Mario's villa and deposit them in the box in Maria's room, prompting a small cutscene to play and resulting in you receiving the Auditore cape. To actually earn the trophy, you need to wear the cape in every city, so all I had to do was use the quick travel booths to zip between cities. The Mountains section also counts as a city despite being near desolate and containing no feathers. Stupidly, I teleported to a quick travel station on the opposite side of Florence, meaning a bit of a freerunning was required. Soon though, I was at the entrance to the Mountains, although not without angering some guards on my travels. I was simply required to step into the Mountains and receive my last trophy.
Even before the level had loaded, Show Your Colors popped up...

Master Assassin, 26/10/2010 10:11
Unlock all trophies
...and so did the platinum! Yet another to add to my collection - number 13.

R834's Road to Platinum: Assassin's Creed II