R834's Road to Platinum: Alone in the Dark: Inferno

by R834, 9th July 2011

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Alone in the Dark Free Gasoline
Free Gasoline, 8/7/2011 19:28
Pierce a car gas tank and fill a bottle with the fuel
Free Gasoline was actually a lot harder than I expected. To complete this trophy's requirements, you need an empty bottle (with which to fill with petrol) and a knife (to pierce the car's petrol tank); it was finding a knife that proved to be a problem.

Having scoured much of Central Park for an elusive blade, I failed to find anything, however at one point I hit Continue from the main menu only to be placed somewhere I wasn't before. I was in front of a small building, which I knew contained a kitchen area. Fighting off some Humanz, I entered the kitchen, and sure enough, there was the knife.

Running to find a car, I emptied one of my fuel-filled bottles onto the ground, pierced the tank with the knife, and proceeded to fill the bottle with fuel. This took a surprisingly long time, which I speeded up in the video, and then, having filled the bottle, the trophy didn't immediately unlock. Preparing to have to do the process again, I left it a few more seconds, and the trophy popped.

Alone in the Dark
100% Complete,
8/7/2011 19:28
Unlock the platinum trophy by unlocking all other trophies
Free Gasoline was followed quickly by the platinum - 17th platinum unlocked!

R834's Road to Platinum: Alone in the Dark: Inferno