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My Thoughts on Anonymous vs Sony

by R834, 4th April 2011

I really appreciate all of the views and comments that this has received, even the offensive ones. They've really opened my eyes to other people's opinions.

I just read an article on PlaystationLifestyle about Anonymous' newest target for their DDoS attacks: and Sure enough, attempting to access the site resulted in a connection timeout. Good one, guys.

I can understand the protests regarding the attempted shut down of WikiLeaks - that's just the start of a slippery slope of internet censorship - but this doesn't achieve anything, and I really don't see what this is trying to prove. That Sony can be taken down by denial of service attacks? It's saddening to see that there are enough supporters of PS3 piracy for the attack to have an effect.

The hackers' argument is that they are unlocking the consoles, 'liberating' them from their Sony-imposed restrictions. Homebrew is great, but we had it pretty good with the OtherOS options, until meddling hackers proved this to be a security threat, resulting in it being removed. And besides, we all now hacking never stops at homebrew. It opens the floodgates for piracy, and the temptation of free games is particularly strong.

There are obviously some extremely skilled people out there, hacking the Playstation, so why don't they get a job with Sony, and help them, rather than hinder everything.

Sony acted so as to protect themselves from game-pirating. As a business - because, when it comes down to it, that's what Sony primarily is - they are not going to sit back and let people take their products for nothing. Whether you agree with their actions or not, pirating is illegal, and Sony was within their rights to do what they did and attempt to protect themselves.

Some people are acting as if Sony is the bad one here, when they're obviously not. Just consider: Who created the console for you in the first place?

The real losers in all this are the loyal PS3 gaming community. Paying customers are not interested in those who will get the software for free; I am now unable to access and Sony is losing money as we speak trying to fix the problem.

Do you guys remember that recent PS3 update with all those great new features? No, me neither, because all of the recent updates are security patches!

If PS3 piracy becomes a serious problem, then game retail prices are just going to increase, because neither Sony, nor the developer, nor the shop selling is going to absorb the sales they're losing to pirates, which is just punishing loyal customers.

In closing, all of this PS3 piracy is just irritating me, and I'd like to see an end to it so Sony can concentrate on adding new features to the PS3 and releasing brilliant games, without fear of hackers taking them for free.

Why not just buy legally? Please?

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(Apr 5, 2011) Cameron said:
If you truly are against Anonymous, join AA Against Anonymous on Facebook to show your support . Don't let Anonymous believe that everyone thinks they are doing them a favor. They have they own page currently at 30,000+ members so lets show them that enough is enough!!!

(Apr 5, 2011) magjournal said:
I'm with you. It's annoying that I can't access the Store or the website because a small group of people is pissed off at Sony.

They're hurting the customers just as much, if not more, than Sony.

(Apr 5, 2011) RAVEN said:
you took the words right out of my mouth . yes we are all going to be the losers in this you hackers dont stop with this , sony already gives use cheaper games at 59.99 and not 69.99 like most games and a free psn but you all want more from them , so when you steal all the games you you want and the dev cant afford to make games anymore it will be your fault and you have no one to blame but your self . D.C

(Apr 5, 2011) Fuck Anonymous COWARDS! said:
Stop covering these fucktards. If everyone just ignored these faggots and paid no attention to them or listen to them, no one would care and these little bitches would remain in their moms basement jerking off eachother rather than focus on shutting down some websites. These COWARDS have no balls and need to be ignored, just like their moms and dads did their whole life. IGNORE these cocksucking "anonymous" faggots and stop giving them the attention they seek. Why dont they go ahead and give us their full names, addresses, and phone numbers if they think their cause is noble? Why? Because they know what they're doing is wrong and because they fear people in real life and have to hide behind a screen like bitches. I'd like to see these bitch cowards try to cross Sony in real life!

(Apr 5, 2011) gtboy said:
i hate they just make it worst for every body and they know that but it doe sent stop them Sony should sue them for everything they got because of hackers geohot stated this and we should listening to that fool he caused all of this and the other fools made it worst if you afford games then don't buy a system don't go hacking to pirated games its just dumb and your trying to destroy Sony and then none would get to play the ps3.

(Apr 5, 2011) Robert said:
I agree. People may say that what Sony is doing is BS, but I bet they wouldn't like it if somebody came into their home and stole something of theirs, which is essentially what is happening here. Hackers and pirates are screwing things up for the rest of us.

(Apr 5, 2011) a dirty crack head nigger said:
F**K sony and F**k all niggers

(Apr 5, 2011) Dave, again... said:
Again,^^ Another mindless moron makes another uneducated comment. Geohot and other hackers previously wanted to work with sony to open the PS3 up for homebrew but to work together to make sure piracy could not be an issue and Sony would not accept this as they want full control over what you do. They removed features people paid for to save themselves money while also making the things we pay for more expensive. There greedy and they will take and take until people like you have nothing left to give then they will leave you behind!
go back to bed america I wont let it happen to me.

(Apr 5, 2011) R834 (mod) said in response to Dave, again...:
Is that true that Geohot approached Sony? I've never heard that before. Do you have a link to where could read about that?

(Apr 5, 2011) Nevets said in response to Dave, again...:
Sony only removed the other OS option after the news hit the air that people started playing pirated games with this new home brew, I think that a load of bulls**t that they approached Sony and since they said no they did what did Sony is in all there right to say no it's there product they canpick and choose who they give access to there security.If a well known burglar came to you and asked you for access to your prized possessions I think you would say NO also. People need to stop making excuses for these hackers they are going to ruin PSN, and in the long run the consumer is the one who pays.

(Apr 5, 2011) R834 (mod) said:
I was also under the impression that Sony only removed the OtherOS feature once they found out Geohot had found a way to glitch the memory using the Linux kernel.

(Apr 5, 2011) Dave said:
I've just read this as of 4:45pm 05/04/2011 and my initial and only response to your "opinion piece" is that you just 'Dont get it!!'

My own personal belief is im fine that everyone has there own opinion IF they know what they are talking about but clearly after reading your article, you sir do not!
You shouldnt be making silly claims and statements especially not without even doing the slightest bit of research first!

Anonymous have clearly stated there reasons for getting involved and it has absolutly nothing to do with hacking or playstation. Its 100% to do with Sony's actions and corporate greed in the last few weeks and indeed years.

If we were all people like you we would mindless gullible idiots who didnt own a single thing we have brought ourselves and would be told what to do every step of your pathetic lives.

In the words of the late Bill Hicks - "Go back to bed, America, your government has figured out how it all
transpired, go back to bed America, your goverment is in control
again. Here, here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up, go back
to bed America, here is American Gladiators, here is 56 channels of
it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their fucking skulls together
and congratulate you on the living in the land of freedom. Here you go
America - you are free to do what well tell you! You are free to do
what we tell you!"
-- Bill Hicks

(Apr 5, 2011) F PS3 said:
Im glad this is happening, sony is a horrible company, did you know that they use Koala bones to make parts of the PS3. It is true!,really tho, F sony. When my buddies PS3 bricked due to an update that Sony put out itself, he called customer service and they said that he had to pay to have it fixed. What a rip I hope sony loses this war.

(Apr 5, 2011) Most Gamers are fucking Whinos. said in response to F PS3:
You are a tool. So what your friend had a bad experience with the PS3, this is a vibrant competitive marketplace and if you don't like the PS3 you have other options for your gaming.

For the rest of you that support these hacking A$HATS -- they aren't doing any of this for you. This is just an ego stroke for them and you willing idiots that are propping them up making them out to be some kind of martyr have no talent of your own to respect the talent of developers and console makers.

Don't you understand piracy will bite the hand that feeds you.

God I am so sick of this entitled attitude from gamers at large that support GeoHots, the guy is a looser, I mean look at him and look at how he acts. Seriously if GeoHots was my kid, his a$ would have serious belt marks across it. I would be ashamed if I raised him.

(Apr 5, 2011) clask said in response to F PS3:
koala bones to make ps3s?? this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard XD

(Apr 5, 2011) The_Stacked_Nerd said:
It's good to see so many of you are interested!
More articles coming out soon...

(Apr 5, 2011) doh said:
The way you characterize this discourse as "pro piracy vs anti piracy" is completely flawed.

People advocating Anonymous aren't advocating piracy. Try to read up on the full history of this episode first before you misrepresent what's actually happening here..

(Apr 5, 2011) joshua said:
Anonymous are losers. They are acting like a crying girls who have stolen a toy. And for what? for a claim of a nonexistent right to illegal hack of a console? or a stupid revenge for another loser? Geohot? ..pff

(Apr 5, 2011) chadwarden said:
I'd like to see these hackers try to run a multinational company with shareholders and see how far their misguided ideals take them. This isn't about free speech. Sony have every right to protect their software and IP. Maybe if these script kiddies actually contributed to something worth a damn and worked their buts off for, they will grow up a little.

(Apr 5, 2011) phatty said:
Sony also lost money when they released the PS3. If these hackers weren't such spoiled brats, they'd take that kind of realization closer to heart.
Yeah, bring down Sony and feel so rewarded when it's done because you had the glory of recognition?
Problem is, they're all inaccessible cause they're nobodies and cowards hiding behind their computer.
I'd never say that for all hackers though. Some actually do it for the innovation, not for the sake of whining.
That GeoHotz is a smiling buddha with snake eyes. fuck him.

(Apr 5, 2011) Ken said:
I want the hackers to spend less time rip off companies and make some cool games and give them away free on a disc in stores everywhere. I challenge them to turn a profit that way, while hiring hundreds of emplyees and paying 30% to the US government all at the same time. Let's see how good of a job you can do. If I had created jailbreak, I would have have tried selling it to sony and publihers and make money from it. I guess that's just common sense speaking. These hackers are using their time and expertise unwisely.

(Apr 5, 2011) Bill said:
Piracy or sharing, is illegal now, just as it was illegal for women and blacks to vote not so long ago. Sharing software over the net is inherent to the internet technology itself. It will be legal sooner or later and the industry needs to adapt to find a way to make money in such an environment. Pirate parties grow stronger every day in Europe. China is growing stronger with its communist system and America is in decline with its "free" capitalism which makes rich richer and poor poorer. If it were to continue, only a handful of people will be able to buy software anyway.

When we run out of oil, the whole system will have to be changed, the money that the rich have won't even matter anymore and we will have to share everything in order to survive. Why not change it now when we still have some time to make it a smooth transition?

(Apr 5, 2011) Ken said in response to Bill:
Bill, murder, rape, robbery, assault, etc. are also illegal and on the rise right now. Does that mean they will be legal one day too?!

(Apr 5, 2011) sunTzu said:
to the OP:

talking about single minded...
people (u included) keep saying Otheros was removed because of me one slim that had otheros. there is none. it was removed from slims and eventually sony wanted to remove from fats to, was just waiting for an opportunity.

SONY started the bullying by doing what they did to those 2 hackers, so this time theyre being bullied. The problem with small thinking people like you is that "its not your problem until it reaches your door" mentality. Now you guys are talking thrash because this whole thing touched you?! what about those illegal things that sony did, bullying people, invading our privacy, collecting info on everyone that accessed youtube, read geo´s tweet and on and on? but right, because then you sorry selves could still play, it was nothing to even blog about, right? gtfo the box and see the big picture. try to do a research to understand why this happening. Piracy is a subproduct of hacking just like killing is a subproduct of making weaponry...but yeah, you dont complain about that because making guns doesnt interfere with your gaming. Silly people you guys are. its because of people that are contempt with whatever theyre thrown at that the world is a corporative bullshit that it is. DDos'ing to rant about wikipedia is ok, but the same against sony to protect free speech is wrong because it makes you unable to access your little sorry fucking sites? fuck you.

(Apr 5, 2011) Tripple said in response to sunTzu:
sucTzu Your seem to a a fan boy of sort for these Anonymous guys. You also seem to have a God complex thinking that all men are at a lower level of thinking than you. Point blank the situation comes to this. Sony is within their rights and Anonymous is not. If there is a problem they feel needs to be fixed than meet the Businesses on their own terms and do it legally. Other wise Anonymous will just end up getting caught

(Apr 5, 2011) Fearthefront said in response to Tripple:
It's "SunTzu" he wrote the art of war. If read more books you would be inclined to be aware of how his name is spelled.

(Apr 5, 2011) Ridiick said:
I was a good estimation of anonymous for the wikileaks but with this act I change my mind they are just tyrants that force others to do what they want.

Must Sony let others broke their system for the piracy?

Anonimous you betrayed me.

(Apr 5, 2011) sunTzu said in response to Ridiick:
in case you and every other homo sapiens out havent got this right, they are not fighting sony (they can do so much more than ddosing) because of piracy, but because how sony is acting on this legally. because you may have a point or may be right about some thing it doesnt give you the rights to use any means available (even questionable ones) to prove your right. SONY used the tactics first, so now its up for grabs. thats what happens whe you dont bother to understand a situation iin full. you understand it poorly and post nonsense like this protecting piracy thing

(Apr 5, 2011) George said:
I see the different comments back and forth over pro geohotz anti geohotz personally he is in the wrong, and yes Sony is making an example of him and yes otherOS was removed in part because of the linux vulnerabilities, despite all this I am still on Sony's side here call me a fanboy if you must but the fact remains videogames come on average (for the big budget titles) well beyond 1000% (yes thats 10x) to produce, with a much much larger staff, (beat GTA IV lately? how long did those 15 minute credits scroll for.

This is a business first and foremost and they need to make money and when the games are pirated they aren't making that money, and if they don't make money if this business isn't profitable for them, you will see increases in game prices as well as, people laid off from their jobs at a much higher volume then usual (in the games industry anyway) If you want to go into a fanboy war about it know that this isn't just going to affect Sony its going to effect every aspect of game development, and the vast majority of it is only in a negative capacity.

(Apr 5, 2011) plmko said:
The irony is that that those who ride under the flag of liberation are the ones inflicting the greatest tyranny.

Sorry Anonymous, but the world has no place for such childish behaviour, would you kindly piss off.

(Apr 5, 2011) Tim said:
Seriously? You wrote an article just for that? Damn dude, get over it.

(Apr 5, 2011) Bill Watts said:
Screw PSN and screw Sony.

Keep gimping the experience Sony, then blame others when you piss off your audiences, either way we lose and make us all suffer for it.

Hopefully this will be the final generation Sony tells us what we want and listens to us, the guys who put them at top spot last generation and the generation before that.

Stop punishing me because I'll punish you right back next gen.

Fu** you Sony, BIH.

(Apr 5, 2011) sklorbit said:
all you faggots need to understand one thing: IF ITS TOO EXPENSIVE FOR YOU TOO FUCKING BAD U DONT GET TO PLAY IT. NOBODY is entitled to something just because they can not afford it or because they "want" it, cry sum more seriously. Sony is a company WHOS GOAL IS TO MAKE MONEY!! Are you faggots that stupid? Because of these idiots, ME the loyal playstation fan who FUKING BUYS GAMES! has to suffer, good job. If sony did not worry about hackers they would lose money.
Why do you think developers are becoming less and less interested in developing for pc? because it is the platform with BY FAR the largest piracy rate. the people who work hard to create those games deserve every sent for their efforts and like i said, just because your too poor does NOT mean you are entitled. BTW yes i am mad @ faggots

(Apr 5, 2011) Syro said:
if u havent noticed, sony has been stripping features and only adding features thats gonna increase their income.
they remove ps2 bc so that they can remaster the ps2 games into HD and resell them as well as force customers to buy ps3 games. they remove otheros support cuz of ibm. they only thing worthwhile they added was 3d and that too so that they can convince you to go out and buy a 3d tv. they put blu ray in built , why ?? so that they can can convince you to go out and get blu rays, out of which sony does get a royalty!! wake and smell the coffee, u morons!!
And @shadow, im sure even u heard of the folding@home project where about 1 console is required to genrate the same processing power as a 1000 pc?? so i should be at the liberty of tapping that power if i want!! And as its my hardware, i should be able to run any damn softweare on i want as i want 2!!

(Apr 5, 2011) Shadow said:
These hackers are retarded -.-.
There is no reason to hack the console for "homebrew", you wanna use homebrew go use the fken computer. No one and i mean no one really hacks the console just to use homebrew. Really thats just stupid people who jailbreak their ps3s just want free shit in the way of piracy, its pathetic

(Apr 5, 2011) the laughing man said:
it's not really that there are enough people out there that are for ps3 piracy it's just a huge group of hackers playing around in the forums. they usually just post something in one of their hidden forums and all the hackers jump onto it for fun or "lulz" as they like to say. There is a select amount of hackers that are against Sony but the rest are just a bunch of losers. This is so stupid and is only making Anon look bad. Thanks a lot for ruining my nice day to stay at home and play games online.

(Apr 4, 2011) astro said:
free speech and protecting the weak? HA! yeah right, how is it protecting free speech? by allowing people to see the secrets of the ps3? sony's copyrighted secrets, that are by law protected?

and protecting the small from the weak.... i think you mistyped that one, i assume you meant the small and the weak.. which would be.. who exactly? the hackers? they seem to be able to handle themselves. the normal gamers who could give a rat's asss about hacking the ps3? doubtful since they're getting screwed out of using psn right now so it's certainly not helping them. so who exactly is benefiting from this? it's not going to make geohotz's case any better it's certainly not helping out the average gamer who doesn't give a fuck about the hacks. in fact the attacks are working against the average gamer if anything. all they are doing is pissing sony off more and giving sony more fuel to fight back. if anything they are making geohotz's case worse.

so to summarize, not helping geohots, pissing off sony and normal gamers.. congrats anonymous you've pissed off or screwed over everyone, real heroes hiding behind anonymity to try to be the biggest bully.

(Apr 4, 2011) Anonymous said:
This isn't about hacking it is about free speech and protecting the small from the weak. Anonymous is retaliating at Sony for using their wealth to make an "example" of Geohot. Also don't forget that there are people out there who's PS3s bricked after an update from Sony, which they then had to pay to fix. This is wrong on any level. This is not an issue of piracy or hacking, but rather of freedom and fairness

(Apr 4, 2011) Grizz said:
Anonymous.. you suck whatever i do with my system is my business and you have even less right then sony to screw with that fact!!

(Apr 4, 2011) SDK69 said:
the PS3 hacking started when they removed the otherOS. Why Sony removed the otherOS? It wasn't because of hacking (they told that to IGN) cus the otherOS has a completely different boot procedure to the actual OS that the PS3 uses to play games, they removed it cus the Airforce and other companies were using the PS3 to make cheap super computers and computer clusters instead of buying the overpriced products from IBM.

First they removed the PS2 BC and then the otherOS with the excuse of reducing cost when it has been proven than the otherOS is possible on the slim version of the PS3. The consumer are getting screwed but for the Sony Fanboys Sony can't do no wrong.

Let the hacker do their thing, Sony's a corporation and I think they can defend themselves from these attacks. So please, stop flooding N4G with these kind of unnecessary articles full of bullshit and misinformation.

(Apr 4, 2011) Shadow said in response to SDK69:
the hacking started from geohot before the ps3 lost otherOS, cuz of geohot and posting of his stupid bullshit we lost it -.-

(Apr 4, 2011) astro said:
why can't the hackers go back to their PCs and leave the consoles for people who actually want to play games. get a pc put linux on it be happy put homebrew on it, hack the living hell out of it, leave the consoles alone all you're doing is pissing off real gamers with your childish antics.

(Apr 4, 2011) Taufiq said:
This is my sentiment exactly all these hackers with that are on their so called crusade for freedom of speech are lying.It is nearly almost always for piracy, I'd say maybe 10% of those who have homebrew machines actually use it for homebrew and not piracy or security circumvention

(Apr 4, 2011) assholes said:
they are messing up mu gaming

(Apr 4, 2011) Bas said:
I don't give a fuck what they do with THEIR console but when it involves my experience online that's when I start getting pissed off. All I want to do is play online, and the only thing that should be annoying me is lagg and little kids on their mic, not cheaters shooting me across the map through walls in uncharted 2. Call of Duty is even worse thank god I don't play that. There's hackers even on psn games with just a few hundred people on them like Modern Combat: Domination.

Again: WE DON'T CARE what you do with your console. But PLEASE leave the real gamers out of it. All we want to do is play, so who are you really hurting more? The gamers or sony?


(Apr 4, 2011) SDK69 said:
are you another butthurt sony fanboy? LoL

Man, these sony fanboys are like totally obnoxious...

(Apr 4, 2011) outwar6010 said:
40 pounds for generic titles that charge for the ability to unlock things quicker or to buy dlc unlock files for stuff on your game disc? or crumby sequels(yes dragon age 2 im looking at you)

(Apr 4, 2011) Steve said:
Anon, have gone to far now. Get over it and pay up or enjoy jail :D.