Session Nine
Thursday, 10th January 2011 (Evening)

Eye of the Storm, R834, 10/02/2011 19:58 (35)
Another story trophy, but we're nearing the end of the game now. Eye of the Storm is about as literal as it can be: in this section the Prince is actually performing acrobatics and fighting off hordes of sand skellies on top of platforms being thrown around inside a collosal sand storm. A lot of fun, if a little disorientating, and another trophy put me back in the lead.

David and Goliath, The_Stacked_Nerd, 10/02/2011 20:01 (34)
Funnily enough, as the game did not label or name the enemies, I hadn't the foggiest idea which of the numerous beasts it was that the game contains. When I couldn't find anything on Google either, R834 had to tell me - by then I had missed a few and soon after missed another one, so therefore receiving this trophy was a relief.

End of the Army, R834, 10/02/2011 20:09 (36)
The end of the army and the end of the game. It was sad, both because of the final cutscene and because I knew the game, and the competition, both of which I was enjoying a lot, were nearing their end. But there was still a way to go yet; finishing a game alone hardly ever nets you the platinum - there's nearly always some pesky trophies still locked, and it was those I was after now.

Invincible, R834, 10/02/2011 20:29 (37)
Like Untouchable, I had failed to unlock this on my first attempt. Of course, I only completed the fight as I was under the impression that I had sustained all of my health, however I had obviously lost a small slither and not noticed. Luckily, I had backed up my save to a USB stick, and now transferred it back onto my PS3 for another go. A few tries and this was finally unlocked.

Eye of the Storm, The_Stacked_Nerd, 10/02/2011 20:01 (35)
Now only 3 minutes behind R834 in terms of storyline, he had somehow managed to cram two more achievements in since his accomplishment, making him now two trophies ahead...

Prince of Tides, R834, 10/02/2011 20:42 (38)
Now the game was finished, the Tides Challenge mode was unlocked. With my maxed out powers I managed to get through the challenge in a rather respectable time, and the trophy was mine. With only three trophies left, it was now time to begin the game again, in order to find and smash that last collectible sarcophagus.

Invincible, The_Stacked_Nerd, 10/02/2011 20:57 (36)
Unlike R834, I received this before 'End of the army', which I was proud of! This is definitely one of the top 5 hardest trophies to add to your collection. After a few minutes of cutscenes, The story completion trophy popped up...

End of the Army, The_Stacked_Nerd, 10/02/2011 21:00 (37)
WOOT WOOT - I had completed the epic storyline! And with an epic trophy too, the main one in the game. This shows that I was 51 minutes behind R834, which although not good, was not bad as this was the first game on the PS3  I platinumed or completed. I especially liked the reference to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the PS2 in the cutscene, of which I am a huge fan!

Prince of Tides, The_Stacked_Nerd, 10/02/2011 21:09 (38)
This was actually a really cool part of the game. Smashing up skellies was fun, and smashing up LOADS was even better! It had the added bonus that R834 and I could compete to get the best time, which I won! It's a shame that the tides didn't last indefinitely, or there wasn't an option for a survival mode...

Our Little Secret, The_Stacked_Nerd, 10/02/2011 21:15 (39)
Once I had restarted the game, I immediately lowered the difficulty in order to both achieve this booster trophy, and allow myself to reach the sarcophagus faster. Coincidently, this is also on PLAY's top 200 trophies list, ranking at 101: 'probably the only game we've seen that actually rewards players for lowering the difficulty, and making it impossible to revert back again'. Pleased with myself for cramming 4 trophies in 20 minutes, I was now 1up on R834, although he had more sarcophaguses.

Session Ten
Saturday, 12th January 2011

Got Walkthrough?, R834, 12/02/2011 16:10 (39)
Finally, that last pesky sarcophagus was reduced to pieces and Got Walkthrough? was mine. A quick brag to The_Stacked_Nerd about my triumph over PSN Chat, and it was difficulty reduction time.

Our Little Secret, R834, 12/02/2011 16:10 (40)
With the game's difficult brought down to Easy and the checkpoint reloaded, Our Little Secret, the final trophy I needed, popped. A brief moment passed, and...

Sand Master, R834, 12/02/2011 16:11 (41)
...Sand Master popped too. The platinum was mine and so was the victory of our first trophy competition. Very happy - and it was my second platinum of the day!

Session Eleven
Sunday, 13th January 2011

Got Walkthrough?, The_Stacked_Nerd, 13/02/2011 20:55 (40)
As I mentioned, I had forgotten a sarcophagus in Rekem. This meant I had to redo over HALF of the game just to achieve this, with R834 laughing at me all the way. I finally caught up with it, after locating it online, and smashed it with a power attack to punish it for its troubles! :(

Sand Master, The_Stacked_Nerd, 13/02/2011 20:55 (41)
Finally, I bitterly received the platinum trophy, and the shame of losing my first competition that came with it. Although I didn't regret the experience - I had achieved my first platinum on a great game, and had fun with R834 too, whilst giving him a challenge!

Final Thoughts

The_Stacked_Nerd: So R834 won THIS one (helped by his over-the-top walkthrough reading for the sarcophagi, which he happened to forget to tell me about) by about 2-3 hours, as I had to go back and find the first half of the sarcophagi – glowing hidden statues (21 of them) – and one in the second half of the game which I had forgotten.

R834: If you're out to get trophies, reading up on them is essential unless you want to be playing through the game multiple times. Using guides and walkthroughs was allowed in this competition, so rather than me forgetting to tell The_Stacked_Nerd, it was The_Stacked_Nerd forgetting to research that cost him the platinum. I think it was quite kind of me to point out that you had to collect the sarcophagi at all! ;)

Next Time

Our next game will be out of:

  • Red Faction: Guerilla
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

UPDATE: The game for our second trophy competition will be... Red Faction: Guerilla!

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