Session Three
Saturday, 5th January 2011 (Morning)

Prince of Earth, R834, 05/02/2011 09:52 (18)
Upgrading my Stone Armour meant that it now remained on for long enough to rack up some serious kills while using it, and the 50 required came pretty quickly. Even better was the fact that I finally had the pride of earning the first trophy of a session!

Sand Nemesis, The_Stacked_Nerd, 05/02/2011 10:10 (17)
This was, in my opinion, one of the hardest trophies to obtain. Seeing as I was now slipping behind him in terms of both trophies and story progression, I decided to have yet another attempt at this beast of an achievement. After a few more attempts, I eventually grasped it by running in circles around a spawn skellie and nipping in to finish off any demons it raised. This took a LOT of patience and time, and is harder than it looks. Thankfully, it was a while before R834 achieved this, as he found it hard too, although he did end up using the same method as me...

And Stay Down!, R834, 05/02/2011 10:12 (19)
Kicking down enemies and impaling them with my sword looks pretty cool anyway, so I used this move to finish off any feisty skellies that crossed my path and soon enough, the trophy popped.

And King of Blades, R834, 05/02/2011 10:34 (20)
The 500 kills just came over the course of the game, and, the trophy was completely unexpected, but very welcome.

Elemental Control, The_Stacked_Nerd, 05/02/2011 11:00 (18)
Having aimed for the Completist trophy, this addition was unneeded... If you are behind though (like I was), you could focus all your points on one column for a quick boost.

Session Four
Saturday, 5th January 2011 (Evening)

Not What It Looks Like, R834, 05/02/2011 17:45 (21)
Yet another story trophy, this time for defeating Ratash for the first time. This boss fight is also a rather pivotal point in the game, as it is here that the Prince's brother Malik becomes possessed. Unfortunately, I unknowingly wrecked my chance of earning the Untouchable trophy (awarded for completing the boss fight without taking any damage) by finishing the battle with a small amount of my health gone. Thankfully, I predicted that this would happen and had backed up my save to a USB drive so I could have another go later, without restarting the entire game.

Untouchable, The_Stacked_Nerd, 05/02/2011 18:01 (19)
As you can see, it took a while for R834 to achieve this. I'm guessing he's already told you why, but I am proud to say I did it on my first go, however not without some deaths. For those of you who haven't yet figured it out, using Stone Armour is a necessity. Proceeding to then hack n slash at his legs with power attacks proved the best way for me.

Not What It Looks Like, The_Stacked_Nerd, 05/02/2011 18:04 (20)
Having just received Untouchable, this trophy was assured. Although I'm not sure why it took three minutes for me to get it? Having said that, I do think it's extremely satisfying to be awarded TWO trophies in a row for completing a task well.

This Is Persia!, R834, 05/02/2011 18:32 (22)
Kicking unsuspecting sand skellies off of ledges is great fun, especially when you get rewarded for it. A few kicks later and This Is Spa... I mean, Persia, was mine.

Attack From All Angles, The_Stacked_Nerd, 05/02/2011 18:28 (21)
Looking through the trophy list I came across this little evader. It wasn't long before it was in the bag though, as it is not a hard one... This could be used in combination with 'This is Persia' for an awesome execution and double trophy achievement.

Swift As The Wind, R834, 05/02/2011 18:32 (23)
The Power of Flight move is only really there to add another way of traversing giant gaps, but it's actually quite an effective move in battle and you can actually use it while fighting normally, by jumping and quickly press the Flight button - It's this way that I got the trophy.

This Is Persia!, The_Stacked_Nerd, 05/02/2011 18:32 (22)
One of my favourite trophies, kicking skellies off ledges wasn't easy, but extremerly satisfying and fun. I had originally started to go for this trophy right at the beginning of the game, on the battlements, but I had forgotten once inside the castle. Therefore achieving this was quick and easy to finish. It's also rated number 187 on PLAY's top 200 trophy list: 'This trophy gets an inclusion purely because, when we unlocked it, we couldn't help but shout the spartan quote'.

And King of Blades, The_Stacked_Nerd05/02/2011 18:32 (23)
As you would expect and R834 mentioned, this came completely unexpected. I achieved this just after half way through the game, in an epic horde battle. Although quite a large amount, 500 kills with the sword isn't actually that much and you would have to try not to achieve this trophy throughout the course of the game. To add to the great feeling of achieving a trophy randomly, this helped me catch up with the now momentous R834.

Prince of Fire, The_Stacked_Nerd, 05/02/2011 18:35 (24)
Finally, I had regained my lead on R834 - I now had one more trophy than him! This trophy was stupid - I thought that the only advantage that came with the fire power was the fire trail (which creates a trail of fire wherever you run, which damages foes if it comes into contact with them), I had no idea that attacking an enemy would also cause burn damage and count towards this trophy. I therefore spent ages running through swarms of skellies waiting for them to run into my trail and perish!!! Still, I got it in the end...

Attack From All Angles, R834, 05/02/2011 18:36 (24)
The aerial kick wasn't a move I was really familiar with until I had to do it for this trophy, but it's a great move to perform on unsuspecting sand skellies. There's something about jumping on there heads and launching yourself off of them, knocking them down, accompanied with a crunching sound effect that makes this move so awesome. 15 shattered skelly skulls later and the trophy was mine.

Prince of Fire, R834, 05/02/2011 18:57 (25)
I wasn't really focusing on this move, but, unlike The_Stacked_Nerd, I was aware that striking enemies while this power was on caused procedural burn damage, so I accumulated my 50 kills fairly rapidly. Another one down and I was back in the lead.

Session Five

Sunday, 6th January 2011 (Morning)

Untouchable, R834, 06/02/2011 10:14 (26)
The start of another play session gave me time to load my backed-up pre-Throne Room fight game save, and some careful evasion and plentiful use of the Stone Armour kept me from being injured. With Ratash down (again) and the Prince unharmed, I was another trophy up.

Swift As The Wind, The_Stacked_Nerd, 06/02/2011 10:15 (25)
As you had to use the power of flight numerous times throughout the game in order to pass large jumps, I think this trophy could be classed as story progression, once again showing R834 was ahead. Yet again, it was nice to achieve...

No Longer Human, R834, 06/02/2011 10:30 (27)
You guessed it: story progression again. Despite having the description 'Suffered defeat at Malik's hands' you do actually have to win the fight. With the boss down, at least temporarily, the trophy was mine.

Stay Dry, The_Stacked_Nerd, 06/02/2011 11:02 (26)
This was by far the hardest trophy to obtain, in my opinion. The cruel game developers had you swing between frozen water features (wall fountains), unfreezing them once you jumped from one pole and freezing them again before you reached the next pole so as to regain freeze time. I lost count of the number of times I died trying to do this. How R834 achieved this so early on I don't know! This trophy had me hugely frustrated, but thankfully third time lucky proved correct in this situation.

No Longer Human, The_Stacked_Nerd, 06/02/2011 11:36 (27)
I was rather disappointed about winning the battle, only to lost lose in the cutscene! At least I was compensated with a trophy, which equalized the competition for the conclusion of this session.

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