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DayZ Standalone Known Bugs and Issues

As is to be expected, DayZ Standalone Alpha is quite buggy; some bugs are very common, to the point that the majority of players will experience them at some point.

This page aims to cover those bugs, to assure you that you are not alone in experiencing them, and to offer any potential fixes and workarounds if possible. Most issues will also have a link to the report on the DayZ Feedback Tracker; make sure to vote up and add information in the Notes section of any issue that you are experiencing!

Make sure to visit the Patch Notes page to keep track of the latest updates and fixes.

Zombies Walk Through Walls
Issue 77
Zombies are able to noclip through walls, floors, doors and other solid obstacles that survivors cannot move through. Their AI is a work in progress, and we can expect fixes to them in the future - just not right now.

Zombies Aggro Too Easily
Zombies often aggro with no regard to your stance, movement speed or distance, and have no regard for solid obstacles blocking their line of sight.

Zombies Don't Aggro
Alternatively, zombies sometimes don't aggro until you walk right up to them and bash their heads with a baseball bat. Sometimes even then they don't care.

Character Save Loss
Issue 78
One of the more frustrating problems plaguing the game currently - sometimes you just lose your character and end up back on the beach. There's nothing you can do about this, unfortunately. Switching servers too many times can contribute to the likelihood of losing your character, so try to avoid doing so.

Multiple Characters
Not A Bug
Ensure you are playing on the same hive all of the time: Regular, Hardcore and Experimental all run on different hives so you have a different character on each. You can see what hive the server is running on from the server browser.

White Arms, Black Character
Issue 33
Wearing gloves will make your arms white regardless of your character's actual skin colour.

Stuck In A Building
Issue 101
You may end up inside of a room you shouldn't be in, sometimes with invisible walls, and always with no way out. This is caused by logging out on the upper floors of some buildings, or being bumped by other players or zombies.

To solve this, walk over to a wall leading outside, stand right against it and vault. Exit the server during the animation and log back in, and you should be on the other side.

Random Sounds - Zombie Noises / Eating / Drinking / Ammo Combining
Issue 161
You may hear the sounds of zombies, ammo chinking, cans being opened, eating or drinking sounds when there is nobody nearby to be making these sounds. These sounds are coming from someone inside of the network bubble radius and can be heard by anyone within that area. Rabbits also currently make zombie noises; rabbits are clientside so only you will be able to see / hear them. There is nothing you can do to solve this. The developers are aware of the issue, so hopefully we will see a fix eventually.

Error: Device Reset Failed, error 8876086C
Issue 188
If you have this error, you're almost definitely using Windows XP. Unfortunately, XP is not supported. Try turning down your texture settings as low as possible, as this may help this issue on some computers. Otherwise, an OS upgrade to at least Windows Vista is the only solution.

Flashlight Lighting
Issue 300
Lighting from torches and lamps is very poor: the beams shine straight through solid objects, giving away your position to anyone in the area. Directional lights (torches) also suffer from a lack of diffuse lighting, resulting in a tiny circle of light when up close to objects, making searching indoor areas very tricky. This same issue occurred in the ARMA II mod, and, while this is extremely problematic for night time play, probably won't be fixed any time soon.

Unable To Respawn - You Are Dead / You Are Unconscious
Issue 8067
Logging in you will find yourself stuck at You Are Dead or You Are Unconscious with the Respawn button greyed out. If you find yourself in this situation, try the following:
  • Wait 5 minutes. It may be showing You Are Dead instead of the 300 second countdown
  • Delete your [NAME].vars.DayZProfile file (located in Documents/DayZ on Windows 7)
  • Use the server browser to find a server that is glitched and will delete your character from the hive (search "delete" in filters)