Defibrillator - DayZ Standalone

Electrical defibrillator manufactured by the AccuMed Corporation. Read instructions carefully! If needed, shave the chest of the patient before use.

Reusable electrical medical item which removes all Shock from unconscious players, helping to revive them.

Alternatively, it can be used as a weapon against conscious players, setting their Shock value to 5000, knocking them out instantly. Due to Shock cooldown, the amount of time they are unconscious depends on their health, but is likely long enough to steal a weapon.

The defibrillator requires a Battery with at least 20,000 charge in order to operate, and a single use will completely drain the battery inside of it, regardless of power, meaning that while the defibrillator is designed to be a reusable alternative to Epi-Pens, it is only actually as reusable as the number of batteries you have.

The defibrillator also takes a 2x2 slot, making it difficult to justify carrying.


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