DayZ Standalone Hunger Mechanic

Information correct as of 0.32

Hunger is a character state in DayZ Standalone that has various effects on your health. You will need to ensure that your hunger is satisfied, or risk dying of starvation.

The current state of hunger is measured using Energy, a value that is increased by eating and drinking, and decreases steadily over time, based on the speed at which you are moving:
-(DZ_THIRST_SEC + ((_person call fnc_speedVector) * 0.4))

Energy is capped at a minimum of -100, and a maximum of 20,000, although you will likely fill your Stomach before reaching the upper limit.

There are 3 distinct stages of hunger, detailed below.

Stage 1 - Hungry
You enter the Hungry state when your Energy is below 600. There is no impact for being Hungry.

  • Energy < 600

  • I'm extremely hungry
  • My stomach grumbled violently
  • I'm starving

Stage 2 - Very Hungry

Very Hungry occurs when Energy is below 300. There is no impact for being Very Hungry.

  • Energy < 300

  • My stomach grumbles
  • I'm feeling hungry
  • I want to eat something
  • I feel hungry

Stage 3 - Starving
You begin Starving when Energy drops below 100; you will steadily lose Health and Blood.

Energy < 100

  • I'm dying of starvation

  • Health -5
  • Blood -0.01