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DayZ Standalone Character Status

DayZ Standalone characters store their status in a variety of different ways:

This is a representation of your Hunger, and can be increased by eating and drinking.

This is how Thirsty you are, and can be increased by eating and drinking.

You can only have so much food and drink in your stomach at once, limiting the amount players can consume to prevent abuse of regeneration mechanics by simply gorging on food. You can read detailed information about the Stomach mechanic here [LINK].

How much blood you have in your body. In the Arma II mod, Blood was your health; this is no longer the case in Standalone.

Your current health. When this hits 0, you're dead.

Body temperature of your character. Affects infection resistance.

When you are injured, you receive a level of Shock damage. Too much Shock at once, and you will fall Unconcious.