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Black Ops 2 - TACITUS is a Weapons Manufacturer

by R834, 25th April 2012

Update (26th April 2012): This sentence has now been removed!

Original Story:
has been under scrutiny by the Call of Duty community since yesterday, after Call of updated to show a distorted image with the text 'TACITUS', formatted in the same way as FPSRussia's shirt during the Quadrotor demonstration.

Today, probably due to the fact they have been overloaded with visitors and emails, they have updated their image with a new sentence at the bottom of their information, explaining that the Call of Duty TACITUS and their company is not the same thing.

The new line simply states:

Black Ops 2: Weapons manufacturer in the game. Not us.

While this means I, and the rest of the COD community, have been barking up the wrong tree for the past 24 hours, this does give away some information.

TACITUS will be a fictitious weapons manufacture company in game.

The game is likely to be called Black Ops 2 (as expected).

And this adds some more evidence to the rumour that Black Ops 2 will be set in the future. Call of Duty games always use real weapons, but TACITUS is not a real company; however, if the game is set in the future, that would not matter - the designers could make up what they wanted!

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