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[UPDATED] Black Ops 2 Promotional Cover Leaked?

by R834, 24th April 2012

UPDATE (28th April 2012): Target preorder cards for Call of Duty 9 are calling the game 'Black Ops II', styled in exactly the same format as this boxart. Excusing the promotional stickers, the shoddy cover cutting, and the old Xbox header, it seems as if this box art may, in fact, be official.

Original Story:

With a lot of Black Ops 2 leaks and rumours flying around this week, a leaked box art probably isn't the most surprising thing to pop up.

The image is supposedly a promotional box art from a Spanish retailer, and gives away a fair bit of information.

The date, in European format, reads 13.11.12, which is the date we are expecting the game to release.

The sticker and the subtitle under the date say 'Prenota Subito', which (Google) translates as 'book now', which we can assume is an invitation to preorder the game.

The text in the bottom right hand corner - 'Solo per esposizione' translates to 'only for exposure', which means it's a boxart intended for promotional use only.

Finally, The PEGI rating is 18, which is only to be expected based on the previous releases.

However, despite this, it may be fake. The cover is cut very poorly to the box for a start, and the art is still using the old Xbox header style, and the Black Ops II logo is different to all others seen before - previously they have just used a simple, numerical '2'.

On the other hand, the image used is much clearer than any currently available on the web - even the CallofDuty Twitter background, which features the same image, is incredibly blurred, so exactly how they got their hands on such an image to mock up this cover is unknown.

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