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Black Ops 2 - Leaked Quadrotor Images

by R834, 25th April 2012

Several images of the Quadrotor have been leaked.

It seems that special effects company Reel EFX were behind FPSRussia's Quadrotor video, and images were uploaded to their website showing both real and computer generated models.

The images have since been taken down, and the pages that previously held them now just redirect to the homepage, but, of course, someone found them and saved them, before releasing them onto the internet.

The images give a good view of the killstreak from several directions, against an unspecified location in the background, which shows several buildings, cars, what appears to be a runway, and a soldier.

In one image (right), we also see an Attack Helicopter and an Osprey dropping a Care Package. This may signal the return of the Osprey Gunner and/or Escort Airdrop killstreaks, or it may just be the new method of Care Package transportation.

Reel EFX still has three videos available on their site, which can be accessed through Google caches. One contains FPSRussia's video, with a Reel EFX logo overlay; a second is the Quadrotor model being spray painted; and the third is the model on set of FPSRussia's video,

All three videos have the description of "Reel EFX fabricated the prototype quadrotor prop which was outfitted with remote control blades.", with the description on the completed FPSRussia video continuing to say "We also provided pyro effects, wind effects including fullers earth for dust, and mortars for flying debris during the car explosion."

Details on the website say that the real life model's were made in March, but it's unclear how long ago the CGI was made, and whether the images are actually in-game shots of a early Black Ops 2 build, or just Reel EFX's work.

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