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[UPDATED] Black Ops II Countdown - Image 5 - Quadrotor and UAV

by R834, 28th April 2012

UPDATE 2 (29th April 2012):
The fuzzy image has been updated, allowing for a much clearer view of the Quadrotor and UCAV. There is a definite mark in the sky, and with the clearer image, more, smaller dots are visible. It has been suggested that these are the moon and stars, which would tie in with the Eclipse name. This theory seems even more plausible when the colours are inverted, which makes it look like a thermal image.

UPDATE 1 (28th April 2012): People have been suggesting that the UCAV in the image is a General Atomics Avenger, which matches the wing shape.

The Avenger was formally known as the Predator C, and is a developmental vehicle. It can carry the same weapons as the Reaper (featured in MW3), but with a better radar and targeting system, and is designed more for stealth.

How much of this will translate into the game is unknown, but it is definitely an upgrade from the Reaper (which is also known as the Predator B).

Original Story:
Another fuzzy image has been released on Call of

Alongside an update to the mysterious quote, we got a new, blurry image image to speculate about.

The object in the foreground appears to match the images of the Quadrotor leaked a few days ago, especially one showing it from underneath.

Further above the Quadrotor is a currently unidentified UAV. Putting in an image of just a normal Spy Plane or radar UAV seems a little pointless, so we can assume this is something a little more exciting - perhaps the return of a Reaper-style killstreak.

But, the wing style doesn't match anything currently in MW3, and I couldn't find anything that was an exact match searching around the web.

Another thing to point out is this mysterious dot in the sky, above the UAV. It's more noticeable in the lightened image, but still doesn't give away anything. What could it be?

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