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[UPDATED] Black Ops 2 Countdown - Image 4 - "The Enemy Could Be Anywhere And It Could Be Anyone"

by R834, 27th April 2012

UPDATE (28th April 2012): The image now opens to reveal a video. While there is a Flash version available directly from Call of, there is also a YouTube version unlisted on the official CALLOFDUTY channel.

The video contains very little. The first 4 seconds is the audio of a man speaking the line over video of nothing but a waveform, a timecode in the top right, and rotating concentric circular arcs that we have seen in the background of the 'Classified' images.

Once the line has been spoken and the waveform settles, the video gradient wipes to a slightly animated version of the image advertising the May 1st world reveal.

Original Story:

A new image has been added onto the Call of site.

It's another animated gif, which adds several letters each frame, until it completes to say '"The Enemy Could Be Anywhere And It Could Be Anyone"'

Despite the line being a quote, I've searched around the web, and I can't find this quotation anywhere, apart from other gaming sites reporting this news.

Slowing down the animation and watching it frame by frame allows us to see five extra letters that are shown briefly as the sentence builds up: wzqoh

I have tried to find something related to this code, but nothing obvious appears, and, if we learned anything from yesterday's co-ordinates image, looking into it too much doesn't pay off.

My guess is that it is either a quote from the campaign, which we cannot possibly know about yet, or it is a reference to a previous multiplayer leak, which contained info about a new perk called Spy, which would allow you to appear as a green arrow on the enemy team's radar.

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