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[UPDATED] Black Ops 2 - Image 2 Revealed - TACITUS

by R834, 24th April 2012

UPDATE (25th April 2012): TACITUS is an in-game weapons manufacturer

Original Story:

The second image for the Black Ops 2 countdown has been revealed on the official Call of Duty website.

The image clearly says TACITUS, in the exact same format as the shirt which FPSRussia wore during the Quadrotor Prototype video, which was revealed today to be something to do with Black Ops 2 (most likely a killstreak).

The shirt did stand out during the video, as FPSRussia usually only wears shirts available from his own store, and on the first day after the video was released, an annotation labelled 'hmm' flashed briefly over the TACITUS text.

So, it is perhaps with a bit less surprise that the same logo has popped up on the official site.

But: what does it mean?

Despite speculation that it is to do with the Roman historian (especially due to his mention of an 'eclipse' in his Annals work), FPSRussia has denied this theory on his twitter:

Could it be some sort of code?

The only anagram is catsuit, but I'm not sure how that would be related!

At a guess, I would say that whatever TACITUS, it's going to be part of the campaign, like the Nova 6 gas - perhaps another secret weapon? Or a company in the game?

But what TACITUS actually means, I'm not quite sure (yet). I'll continue to do some digging!

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