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Black Ops 2 - 4 New Map Placemarker Images Found on Elite Server

by R834, 3rd October 2012

Yesterday, I came across this in the Call of Duty ELiTE server files (click for bigger image):

  • map_mp_array.jpg
  • map_mp_carrier.jpg
  • map_mp_la.jpg
  • map_mp_radiation.jpg
  • map_mp_raid.jpg
  • map_mp_turbine.jpg
As well as the officially revealed Turbine (turbine) and Aftermath (la), these images seem to suggest that 4 maps, not yet officially announced, are coming to Black Ops 2, including Array and Radiation from the original Black Ops.

The maps Carrier and Raid were previously shown in a leaked beta build of the game, along with temporary loading images, and brief descriptions:

Carrier is set on a Chinese Supercarrier, with open engagements on the deck and great close quarter fights through the hull.

Raid is set in a hillside mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and sees players engaging in hectic close quarters engagements.

The map named 'Radiation' could be either a code name for another map shown in the beta build, Meltdown (a Pakistan nuclear power plant) or could be a remake of the Black Ops map of the same name.

Array is almost certainly the map from the original Black Ops, as it can also be seen in the background of the beta screens that showed the other maps, and would seem to be making its way to the sequel in the form of DLC.

What do you think about all this?

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