Shows enemies on the mini-map

Points Required

The UAV is an automatic killstreak that provides your entire team with enemy locations on the minimap. The UAV lasts for 30 seconds, and makes a sweep for enemies every 3 seconds, which displays the position of enemies at the time of sweep. Be aware that enemies using the perk Ghost have the ability to avoid detection by UAV.

Usage Tips
UAVs are common place in deathmatch modes, and should almost always be used as soon as they are earned to give the player enhanced battlefield awareness. Using the UAV can aid you immensely in continuing your Scorestreak chain.

Using the UAV in a team-based mode will award you with UAV Assist points every time an ally gets a kill with your UAV in the air, which can significantly boost your Scorestreak score over the entire 30 seconds.

Be careful to check that there isn't a Counter UAV in the air before calling in your UAV.

The perk Ghost is the ultimate counter to UAVs, as long as you are moving, controlling a Scorestreak reward, or using an objective bomb.

UAVs can be destroyed easily using the FHJ-18 AA or the SMAW, as well as the Black Hat PDA, each requiring only a single use. They can also be taken down fairly easily with bullet weapons if the need arises. Destroying a UAV will reward you with Scorestreak points, so can be worthwhile, but be aware of your surroundings before attempting to take one out.

Also be aware that standing still to shoot down a UAV while using Ghost will stop the perk's effect, so keep moving or risk showing on the radar.

UAVs can be countered with a Counter UAV, or destroyed with an EMP.

Patch Notes
The UAV score requirement was upped from 350 to 425 in December 2012