Call in a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones that search and destroy enemies

Points Required

The Swarm is a non-controllable scorestreak that fills the skies with hundreds of Hunter Killer drones

Usage Tips
One of, if not the, most powerful streak in the game. Call it in at any time to unleash devastation upon the enemy team. Players and scorestreaks alike will be targeted by the drones.
It is recommended that the user does not go outside during the Swarm, as the explosions can harm the player that called it in.
Maps with large open areas are best for Swarm deployment, as the Hunter Killers can be easily evaded by hiding inside.

An EMP will destroy a Swarm completely, however if the enemy team has a Swarm, it would be unlikely acquiring an EMP might be unlikely.
Trophy Systems will destroy incoming drones, but your Trophies will probably get used up quickly with the large amount of Hunter Killers that are deployed during a Swarm.
The best way to counter the Swarm is simply to avoid it, by staying in any cover possible. Keep away from open windows and roofs - Hunter Killers are accurate.

Associated Medals
Falling Skies