Remote controlled car strapped with explosives

Points Required

The RC-XD is a controllable killstreak that is placed at the feet of the user. Once placed,
the Scorestreak is remotely controlled via a third-person follow-cam viewpoint, and can be driven freely around the map. A single-use speed boost can increase the car's speed temporarily.

The car can be detonated at any time causing an explosion that is able to kill enemies.
There is a 30 second fuse timer, which will cause the RC-XD to self-destruct if it has not already been detonated.

Usage Tips
RC-XDs are powerful tools and will earn players a kill almost every time - simply drive into the enemy, and explode!
RC-XDs are perhaps best employed in objective modes, such as Domination or Hardpoint, where multiple enemies will be located in one place. The explosion can clear out rooms, aiding allies and earning you Scorestreak points.

Because of the low amount of points required to acquire, and the explosive power, the RC-XD is a strong killstreak and a nuisance in the battlefield.
The best counter is the perk Flak Jacket, which will save a full-health player from the explosion.
RC-XDs have little health, so can be destroyed by a few well-placed shots or an explosive device. They will set off Claymores which can easily destroy them.
However, be careful as destroying an RC-XD will cause it to explode, which can still kill you if you are too close.