Orbital VSAT

Shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map. Cannot be shot down.

Points Required

Marks all enemies, including Ghost users, on the friendly team's minimap for 60 seconds. Both their position and direction is marked and is updated continuously, as opposed to the UAV's regular sweeping. The Orbital VSAT lasts for 60 seconds.

Usage Tips
Good to call in at any time, the VSAT gives unparalleled recon of the battlefield for the entire friendly team. The user will earn a scorestreak point bonus for every kill friendlies make during the VSAT's operation.

The Orbital VSAT cannot be countered by much, as it cannot be seen in the air, meaning it cannot be shot down by launchers, and it is unaffected by EMP.
However, EMP will take out the enemy's minimap meaning all but Hardwired users will be blind to the VSAT's recon.
Counter UAVs are effective as well, although only last for 30 seconds - half as long as the VSAT - and can be shot down, meaning they block the VSAT for even less time.