K9 Unit

Attack Dogs that hunt down the enemy

Points Required

Call in a pack of attack dogs to hunt down the enemy. The K9 unit operates in groups of four maximum, with another four dogs waiting in reserve to replace any dogs that are killed.

Usage Tips
A very powerful anti-infantry scorestreak, dogs will wreak havoc amongst the enemy team. This streak is good for almost any game mode, deathmatch and objective alike.
Dogs will actively seek out nearby players, so following a dog will often lead you to the enemy. This is an excellent tactic to net more scorestreak points, as K9 kills are very low value, to offset the large number of kills you are assumed to be getting.
Be wary of standing too near to enemy players, as a lunging dog can sometimes accidentally kill its handler if they are standing in the way of an enemy.

The K9 Unit is fast, agile and can kill a player in one bite. For this reason, it is often best to avoid dogs altogether.
Dogs cannot climb ladders and have a limited jumping height, so finding high vantage points can often keep you out of harms way. They are also incapable of swimming, so hiding in water will keep you safe.
Otherwise, its just a case of taking them down. The dogs do not have much health, and can be killed with all kinds of regular weapons and explosives. They can also be temporarily stunned using tacticals. If you are planning on taking on the dogs, it is recommended to find a location where you can cover a single entry point, to prevent being attacked from behind or your flanks.

Associated Medals