Hunter Killer

Infantry deployed Hunter Killer drone that seeks out a nearby target

Points Required


Throw the Hunter Killer and it will fly into the air before acquiring a nearby enemy as a target, and dive bombing them. The attack results in an explosion that can injure, or even kill, multiple enemies.

Usage Tips
Aim in the air and throw. The Hunter Killer is one of the more powerful scorestreaks in the game due to its high damage : score required ratio.

A Hunter Killer will kill almost every time if it locks onto infantry, potentially taking out multiple enemies in its significant splash damage area of effect.

Alternatively, it may lock onto air support, which has the same effect as a lock-on Stinger missile, causing either damage or flare deployment.

Hardwired will prevent the drone from acquiring you as a target, although be aware that it may target a nearby ally who is not using Hardwired and kill both of you with the resulting explosion.

Flak Jacket will protect you from the explosion, providing you are not previously damaged, but direct impacts, which is what the drone aims for, will still kill even while wearing Flak Jacket.