EMP Systems

An airborne nuclear explosion results in an EMP, taking out all enemy electronics

Points Required

The EMP is a fairly high Scorestreak, but is powerful.

When called in, a bright flash temporarily blinds all players, before the pulse takes effect on the enemy:

  • Enemy scorestreaks currently in use are destroyed, excluding the Orbital VSAT and K9 Unit
  • Enemy can no longer deploy scorestreaks
  • Electronic weapons sights (Red Dot, Reflex, Holographic, MMS, Target Finder) do not function
  • The minimap is shown as during a Counter UAV
  • A fuzzy screen overlay is displayed, which can be distracting

Usage Tips
The best time to call in an EMP is while a high value enemy Scorestreak is in the air, as the EMP blast will instantly destroy it, also awarding you the appropriate destruction bonus.

The only way to counter an EMP is to run the Hardwired Tier 2 Perk. This allows use of electronic scopes, view of the minimap and HUD, and the ability to call in Scorestreaks.