Counter UAV

Completely disables enemy radar for a short period

Points Required

The Counter UAV is a direct counter to the UAV Scorestreak, and covers enemy maps in static, making them completely useless for 30 seconds. This adversely affects enemies as the minimap can no longer be used, and maps for placeable Scorestreaks (such as the Lightning Strike) are blocked out.

One CUAV is excellent for blocking UAVs, as well as the Orbital VSAT.

Usage Tips
Counter UAVs are useful to call in at any time, but for maximum effect should be called in during an enemy UAV or Orbital VSAT.

The C-UAV does not last as long as the VSAT, but two C-UAVs used consecutively can fully counter a VSAT

C-UAVs make unsilenced weapons much safer to use as there is no map to show up on when firing, but be aware that the enemy can still clearly hear you!

UAVs can be countered by Hardwired, maintaining map visibility, and allowing scorestreaks to be called in.
Like UAVs, Counter UAVs can be shot down fairly easily using a Stinger, or regular weapons, as well as being destroyed by Hunter Killer drones