Care Package

Airdrop a random Scorestreak

Points Required

A Care Package is a very powerful killstreak, potentially allowing a player to acquire high-tire Scorestreaks with significantly less points. It takes x seconds to collect your own Package, and y seconds for anyone else's (both enemy and friendly)

Using the Engineer perk, Care Packages can be rerolled to try and get another killstreak. You need to think carefully about rerolling, as you cannot revert to the original scorestreak, potentially resulting in a worse Scorestreak than before.

Contents Statistics
 Chance (%)
RC-XD 8.91
Hunter Killer
Guardian 13.86
Hellstorm Missile
Lightning Strike
Sentry Gun
Death Machine
War Machine
A.G.R. 2.48
Stealth Chopper
Orbital VSAT
Escort Drone
Emp Systems
VTOL Warship
K9 Unit

Usage Tips
Call in packages in appropriate locations, out of the way of enemies. A good time is straight after a respawn, as enemies shouldn't be too close. You are very vulnerable while collecting Packages as you cannot use your weapons, so choose your collection time wisely.

Be careful where you throw your Care Package marker. The helicopter will drop your package directly above the marker, which can result in packages landing on inaccessible rooftops or out of the map boundaries, making it inaccessible.

Out of reach Care Packages can be collected using a Black Hat PDA, but only if you have line of sight on the package, and are close enough.

Packages are deadly if you are crushed by one, so keep back from the landing zone, but feel free to place markers next to camping, AFK or otherwise preoccupied enemies for humiliating kill. Unlike previous games, allies can not be crushed by Care Packages.

Care Packages move under physics until they come to a stop, so be wary of unexpected bounces. Once stationary, packages cannot be moved again, so attempts to move them with gunfire or explosives are futile.

Using a Tactical Insertion (carefully) near your Care Package marker can save your crate from theft in the event that an enemy kills you while you are collecting it.

Resist the urge to steal teammates Packages - it's really annoying - although, be aware of unattended friendly packages. Enemies could steal it causing issues for your team, especially if it contains a high-tier Scorestreak. Take it for yourself as a last resort.

If you see a 'friend' taking your Package, grab it quick. You take less time to collect it than they do so you should get it first.

Care Packages, both friendly and enemy, can be booby trapped using the Engineer perk. This can net you an extra kill from an unaware enemy.

Care Packages are very difficult to counter: the helicopters delivering them move very quickly, and destroying them simply results in the Package being dropped. Unfortunately, most Packages will still end up being dropped directly above their designated marker as this is the only time the transport has slowed down enough to hit.

Shooting down Care Package helicopters is still a worthwhile task, as they net you a fair amount of XP and Score.

The best way to counter a package is to attempt to steal it. Listen out for the sound of markers being thrown and look for signal smoke. Players using Packages will often hide while calling it in - as they are (rightly) paranoid that a close enemy will kill them and steal it - so don't run straight in to take it. If everything seems clear, the Package's owner will run out to take it; take them out as they go for it and the Package is yours.

Be wary of Booby Traps. The 100% effective method of discovering traps is to use Engineer, which displays trap Packages in red. If you aren't using Engineer, enemy traps are normally fairly obvious as they are left completely unguarded for extended periods. Booby Traps on friendly packages are harder to determine. Just be wary of Packages that have been lying around for a long time, and especially so if your Package is still there after you were killed near it.