Black Ops 2 Ranking Guide

Call of Duty uses a leveling system, that allows players to rank up for earning XP.

Black Ops 2 has 55 ranks; after completing all 55 ranks, players then have the option to enter Prestige Mode. There are a total of 10 Prestiges, and each full prestige requires 1,197,300 XP!

Every time you rank up, you are given one token which can be used to unlock weapons, attachments and equipment, however some items will be locked until players hit a certain rank.

You will not have enough unlock tokens to unlock all items in a single prestige. In order to unlock everything in the game you will need to reach Master Prestige.

Prestige Mode
Upon reaching Command rank at level 55, players are given the option of entering Prestige Mode. 'Prestiging' increases the player's Prestige by one, giving them a new rank emblem and extra bonuses (detailed below), but comes at the cost of some things being completely reset.

There are 10 Prestige modes in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, with the following emblems:

Challenges no longer reset upon entering Prestige Mode.

Black Ops 2 uses a reward system similar to Modern Warfare 3's Prestige Tokens. Every Prestige you will have the option of performing a full stat and rank reset, unlocking an extra Create a Class slot (maximum of five extra), or refunding all of your previously spent unlock tokens.

You are also awarded a permanent unlock token, which will keep a single weapon, perk, wildcard, or equipment unlocked throughout all Prestiges

Master Prestige

By completing the 10th Prestige, you are able to reach Master Prestige.

Reaching Master Prestige unlocks all Create a Class items.

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