Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer game modes available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and description of how the modes work

Free For All
FFA is about as simple as it gets: every man for himself. Players spawn randomly around the map and must fight everyone else in a battle for most kills. Because of the nature of Free For All, parties are not allowed into the mode. The victor is the player who reaches 30 kills, or who has the most kills after a 10 minute time period.

Team Deathmatch
Team-based deathmatch mode that pits two teams against each other. Working together, one team wins when they reach a combined total of 75 kills, or the team with the highest number of kills after 10 minutes. There is no friendly fire, so team mates are unable to injure each other.

Kill Confirmed
Kill Confirmed is a team deathmatch variant. When a player dies, they drop a dog tag; enemies drop yellow dog tags, allies drop red dog tags. Yellow dog tags must be collected (confirmed) in order to count towards the team's score. Red dog tags can also be collected (denied) which will prevent the enemy from scoring. Tags remain in the game until the player who dropped them dies a second time. The first team to confirm a combined total of 100 tags, or with the highest amount of confirms after 10 minutes, wins.

The objective of domination is to own all of the control points on the map. There are three locations around the map: A, B and C. Every 5 seconds, 1 point is added to the team score for each flag the team owns. Because of this, a team looking for victory needs to hold at least two flags for the majority of the game.
To capture a point, enemy or neutral, a player must stand within the flag area for 10 seconds. The speed at which a flag is captured increases as the number of players within the area increase. Capture progress will be halted if at least one enemy stands within the area. Capture progress will be reset if all allies move outside the area.
Unlike previous Call of Duty games, there are now two rounds in Domination, lasting 5 minutes each. At halftime, teams switch spawns and all flags become neutral again.

Demolition is an attack-defend game mode, where one team tries to destroy bomb sites, while the other tries to defend it. Every attacker is able to plant, and have have 2 minutes 30 seconds to do so at either objective (A or B).
Bombs take XX seconds to plant, and XX seconds to detonate. When a bomb is planted, the game timer stops, which can significantly increase the length of the game. Bombs take XX seconds to defuse.
After the destruction of of the first bomb site, and extra 2 minutes 30 seconds is added to the game timer.
Attacks win by detonating both bomb sites. If at least one bomb site remains intact by the end of the game time, defenders win.
Demolition is played in rounds, and teams swap sides after the first round. A third round is played only if the score is 1-1 after the first two rounds; the team with the most kills plays defense.

A brand new game mode in Black Ops 2. Two teams must battle to secure a 'hardpoint' on the map, and then hold it, defending the area from enemy attack.
Holding the hardpoint increases the team's score; a
point is added to the team score every second a team owns the hardpoint.
f nobody is inside the area, the area is marked as neutral. If both teams have players in the hardpoint, it is marked as 'contested'. In both situations, no points are gained for the team.
Hardpoints are active for only a certain amount of time, before moving to a different location.
These locations cycle in a set order, so with good map knowledge, teams could pre-emptively secure an area before it becomes the new hardpoint.

HQ is a capture-defend game type. Headquarter locations spawn at various locations around the map and stay there for a set time period. When the HQ changed position, there is a short period of time before it becomes active. During this period, the HQ cannot be captured and all players respawn.
When the Headquarters goes online, it can be captured. To capture a HQ, at least one player must stay within close proximity to it. Once an HQ is captured, the defending team can no longer respawn.
Once the defenders are eliminated, the Headquarters can be destroyed by the attacking team by standing in its area.
The Headquarters will move again after it has been destroyed, or after XX seconds.

Capture The Flag
Both teams try to capture the enemy team's flag. Respawn delays.

Search & Destroy
Attack-defend mode with no respawns. The attacking team spawns next to a bomb, which only one person can carry; the bomb carrier is the only person who can plant the bomb at one of two bomb sites. This bomb cannot be dropped unless the bomb carrier is killed, so taking it comes with responsibility. Attackers are notified of the bomb / bomb carriers location through a minimap and world marker. The defenders do not know which attacker is the bomb carrier, however they can see a dropped bomb within the game world.
The defenders win the match by eliminating all attackers. Attackers win by either eliminating all defenders, or by planting and detonating the bomb at one of the bomb sites. If the bomb is planted, the defenders cannot win the game until it is defused, even if all attackers are eliminated.

A new set of modes in Black Ops 2, multi-team allows more than two teams to play in matches of Team Deathmatch, Domination and Hardpoint

One in the Chamber
Returning from the Wager Match playlist of Black Ops, One in the Chamber is a Party Game mode. Everyone starts with a pistol with one bullet, which will one-hit-kill every time you get your shot on target. Getting a kill adds another bullet to your mag. You are also able to knife, so if you can sneak up on people to hit the melee, it's worthwhile as you will be able to stock up on multiple bullets. Players only have three lives, and on each respawn, are set back to a single bullet. The player with the most points at the end of the time limit, or when there is only one player remaining, wins the match.

Gun Game
Gun Game has a set list of weapons that players must advance through by getting kills. One kill will advance a player up one gun. Knifing players will derank them down one gun level, however a knife kill does not increase your gun level. The first person to get a kill with all the weapons wins the match

Sticks and Stones
Players are equipped with a Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, regular melee knife and Tomahawks. Getting kills earns you points. Getting killed by a Tomahawk resets your points to 0. The player with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Every player is given the same weapon, which cycles randomly every XX seconds. Getting kills in a row will award you with extra perks, and eventually a x2 bonus. The player with the most points at the end of the match wins.