Black Ops 2 Lethals and Tacticals

Equipment in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is split into two categories: lethal and tactical.

Lethal equipment is designed to kill; tactical equipment is designed to help you and your team in some way. Most tactical equipment does cause some sort of mild explosion, so is still able to kill an enemy on very low health, especially in Hardcore modes.

Fragmentation grenade to be thrown at enemies to cause damage. It has a decent area of effect, allowing some inaccuracy. Enemies on the fringe of the blast will be injured, although not definitely killed. Frag grenades can be held (cooked), which, with careful timing, allows precision detonation. Frag grenades can be thrown back by nearby enemies with quick reaction times, although this is still dangerous and the grenade could explode during the throw. Fast Hands resets the fuse on a frag grenade.

Throwable grenade with a sticky surface, allowing the Semtex to be stuck to surfaces or enemies. Has a shorter fuse than the frag, however the countdown only starts when the Semtex is released from your hands, allowing for the throw to be cancelled. Because of the stick, Semtex cannot be thrown back, however it also cannot be bounced off surfaces or cooked. It gives off a distinctive bleeping sound when thrown, giving clear audio warning to anyone around.

Combat Axe
Throwing axe that will kill enemies in one hit. Can be thrown long ranges, bounced (banked) off of surfaces and retrieved by running over it.

Ground explosive that is placed down and can be spotted by the lasers emitted out of the front side of the device. The lasers detect enemy movement and cause the Claymore to explode directionally, killing anybody in front of it. They have short trigger time, identified by an audible click and beep; this trigger time can be increased by using the Engineer perk.

Bouncing Betty
First seen in Call of Duty: World at War, the Betty made a redesigned return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The Betty of Black Ops 2 is almost identical in design to MW3's version. Circular in shape, the device is thrown onto the ground, where it remains in place until it detects nearby enemy movement.  A short while later, it triggers, bouncing straight into the air and detonating at about chest height. Betties are harder to see than Claymores, but easier to avoid, as their trigger can be hard as an audible metallic ching. Lying prone beneath a Betty will avoid all explosive damage, and crouching will avoid most damage.

Throwable explosive that sticks to surfaces, awaiting remote detonation by the player. Can be set off quickly by double tapping reload. Can also be destroyed by gunshots and other explosives, either by enemies or the user. Quick reactions allow C4 to be detonated mid throw, allowing it to be used as an incredibly annoying, incredibly powerful airburst grenade. Watch out for C4 near objectives, or just being thrown around.

Throwable grenade that emits a burst of light and a loud noise, temporarily blinding and deafening the enemy. Explodes a set time after throwing, allowing for airbursts, but it cannot be cooked. Causes a small amount of damage on impact and explosion

Throwable grenade that stuns the enemy, causing shellshock, reducing movement and turning speed. Explodes after hitting the floor, so cannot be airburst.

Shock Charge
Throwable device that sticks to surfaces and remains there until triggered by nearby enemies; shocks and damages, preventing movement, turning and stance change. Can be used effectively with proximity trigger lethals.

EMP Grenade
Throwable grenade that emits and EMP blast, disabling enemy electronics, including HUD, equipment, scorestreaks and electrical weapon attachments. EMP blasts ignore walls and surfaces.

Smoke Grenade
Throwable grenade that creates a large smoke cloud. Hide players from view of other players, as well as enemy scorestreaks.

Sensor Grenade
Throwable grenade that emits a radar ping from it's landing point. Enemies are tagged on the minimap for a short period of time, displaying both position and direction.

Trophy System
Ground device that is thrown into place, and remains there until it is picked up, destroyed or expires. The Trophy destroys almost all incoming projectiles, so is excellent for protecting objectives. Each Trophy can destroy two projectiles before it destroys itself; picking up and replacing a Trophy resets its destroyed projectiles count, meaning it can be used indefinitely if you keep replacing it.

Black Hat PDA
Handheld multi-purpose tool that has a wide variety of features. Can be used to hack enemy all sorts of equipment and scorestreaks and capture care packages, enemy and friendly.

Tactical Insertion
Plantable beacon that sets your spawn point for the next respawn. The player will spawn on the beacon, facing the direction that they were when they planted the tac insert. Insertions can be picked up again after they are placed by the player who placed it, cancelled by enemies in the immediate vicinity, and destroyed by enemy gunfire and equipment. It can also be cancelled by the user during the killcam to avoid getting spawn camped; this is impossible in Hardcore due to a lack of killcams.