Psychic Gamers is a gaming fan site, producing video game related content, through text articles here, and video content on our YouTube channel.

Game reviews are the main reason I started this site, and are still the main focus now. You can check out my thoughts on various titles on the Reviews page.
There used to be information here detailing exactly how I review games, but it took up way too much space, so I moved it into its own special page: How We Review.

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Release Dates
On review pages, I include some information about the game being reviewed, including the release date. I find including this date important as it shows the time frame between the game's initial release and when I actually reviewed it, a factor which can alter my opinion on the game, usually because a large time difference means a cheaper game. And who doesn't like cheap games!?
Because of the often confusing nature of game release dates across multiple platforms and regions, I will always put the release date as that of the UK version on the platform I am reviewing the game for, unless otherwise stated.

Comment Section
To try and encourage some feedback from readers, I add Disqus comment boxes to the bottom of most pages, especially reviews. I love to hear people's feedback, so please do leave comments! However, you are fully responsible for anything you write in these comments, and I reserve the right to remove comments that I feel are inappropriate.
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Links to other websites
Occasionally, I may post links to other websites that I think will be of interest. I will try my best to ensure that linked sites are not malicious, however, I don't own these sites and their content could change at any time, so I can't make any guarantees of their safety.

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